A day off!

OK, OK, Milky. Stop twisting my arm, OK, ___OK___, I'll do a Diary enrty for the day of. Yes OK. Right.

So, the day off. Well it was the first day off since the start of the tour, and we've all been doing 18 and 20 hour

days for the last four or five days, and an awfull lot of the non fizzzy red stuff was consumed last night (my

favourite being a rather nice Wolff Blass Blue Label) and my bunk didn't beckon untill nearly 5 AM, and...

So what would you do on a day off after that lot. Yep, fall out of yer bunk (quite literally in my case, I slipped and

ended up on me arse in the isle!), stagger in to the rather nice Mal Masion hotel, to be greeeted by a rather nice

receptionist, who gives me the key to my rather nice room (well, mine and Milky's) and in my rather nice hotel room I

find a rather nice bed, and so proceed to have a rather nice kip, thank you very much!

About 6PM food, or the lack of it, starts to be noticed. Grab a shower, tog up in my day off jeans and boots, and head

off to King Tutts Wah Wah for a beer or 3 with the crew. Stevie DVD and Abbiss the boy lampie are in full flow,

knockout pool is the game, and PA Tech Will has already won once. Of course the winner gets the next round with the

winnings, oh well.

Retire back to the hotel, Barry has done the TM thing and booked a table. Great food, great wine (A Chateau Neuf no

less!), and the best company.

And so to bed, it's not quite midnight, but there's an early in tomorrow. Now, when's the next day off??????


Dave Guerin