SAT 18 AUGUST 2001

Chelmsford Wine Tasting Society

Today we will mostly be sampling Red Wine. First bottle up is a cheeky little Californian Cab Sav, the perfect apres gig tipple as it turns out. Fruity, but light, with a delicate aroma which reminds one of orange groves in Summertime. Gentle sipping, as is customary on these occasions, soon degenerates into gulping and slurping and cries of “Gary, can we have some more please”. Mr Robinson, being as I’ve said more than once in this diary, a top sausage, reappears after a short period of time with a big cardboard box brimming over with alcoholic substances of all kinds, but most importantly 3 more bottles of fine red wine. For he’s a jolly good fellow, and so say all of us! Greedy hands delve into Gary’s box, whip out the shiny green bottles, and clutch them tightly to bosoms heaving with anticipation. A stunned silence then falls upon the gathered wine aficionados as I discover a rare and welcome treasure within. As though it were my first born, I Proudly hold the bottle of excellent Chateau neuf du Pap aloft, and the crowd respond accordingly with Ooohs and Aaahs and the sound of grown men weeping uncontrollably. Now this particular type of vino happens to be HHJJ’s favourite so a bit of a fight ensues as to who will get to it first. Fortunately there are only minor injuries to unspecified persons and half way down the bottle everyone is everyone else’s best mate once again. Of course, all good things must come to an end, as does this fine bottle, but before you can say “Gary, I’m hungry”, the last two bottles go the same route, leaving several tired roadies no other course but to retire to their little roadie beds to dream their roadie dreams. Night night everybody, night night.

David Millward