A gig in the Barras!!

This is my first, and hopefully last, diary entry. Hopefully NOT because I get sacked, but because I am not particularly good at diary's, even my own. But- 2 months in the making and finally we are on tour. Still- it's a pleasure to write about being Embrace's Tour Manager, (it's only been 2 months! It seems a lot longer) and their stupendous crew.

We are 5 days and 3 gigs into the tour and everything is just ticking along like clockwork... apart from the shows which are a rocking, storming, success. Which is to say all is exactly as it should be, and often with other bands it never is. The band are happy, the crew are happy, and that makes me very happy (I touch numerous bits of wood as I say this) and proud too. I always say that 'Like attracts like', and this explains why Embrace have such good crew- as a band they are sincerely the best bunch of lads I have worked with in 22 years 'in the biz' as they say. The fact that they are Bradfordian's like myself has nothing to do with it- of course. So... fingers crossed, we can keep up the good work, build on it, and blow the fuckers away when we get to Brixton.

I am feeling particularly pleased today, having had a great day off (good food, good wine, good company) a good nights kip, and ready for the next leg of the tour- oh and it's a weekend so my usual mobile/fax/email from various blaggers, braggers and whiners etc has reduced to a trickle- yes I am talking about 'the music industry'. Leaving me some space to catch up with my paperwork (this diary entry included) and my accounts.

Tonight's show is at Glasgow Barrowlands and we have been comfortably ahead of schedule most of the day, this despite the fact that Abiss & Steve (lights & video) drank so much yesterday they could barely stand, let alone play pool, and that we....

Oops- ran out of time there (my nickname IS Halfy you know) and I had to move quickly or they wouldn't have gotten on stage on time. Anyway, that's my band safely onstage (we had to wait while *** shook a fart out of his pants leg) and they are on top form, with a brilliant audience. The sound is great; the lightshow is stunning, and Steve's video, well it doesn't get much better than this!
Now- where are my bloody settlement sheets...

STOP PRESS- hells bells- Glasgow Barrowlands, Thank You. If you were there, you know what I mean. If you weren't- I'm sorry but you missed the gig of a lifetime.

Barry TM

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