Mmmm. Hours of endless fun at this site just trying to guess the password! Go on, give me a clue, I want to get in!

OK,so here's a clue: 'Something to do with walls that are quite nice and b sides' If you still can't work it out you better ask over on the Embrace message board. I'd give you the full URL but it keeps changing, so go to their home page, and fight your way past the Flash to get in! Good luck.

Well I got into Secretswig, eventually, and very nice site it is too. Nice girl/girl kissing shots of Polly and friend (I kid you not!) and a shot of 'Embrace' in the snow. Did someone do that after swigging loads of lager?

Looked like it was more fun than SG#5!



Review by someone

It's great! :o)