The crews site. That's, er, THIS site! And wonderful it is too! Go on, give it a 10 when you vote!




Review by Glasgow Rob

cool site guys! a site with a twist, u go lookin for embrace and u get the ickle guys who make it all happen! guitar tech should tune down guitar for acoustic last gas, danny struggles 2 sing that high! keep up the good work, get bigger photos of the band! ta Glasgow Rob!

Glasgow Rob


Review by Colin Ramsay

Although this site is a good idea, it is let down by the fact that it's webmaster is a knob. He hates the fact that Happy And Lost uses flash? But doesn't have a word to say about the fact that the official Embrace site use Flash, javascript, cookie, CSS.... Wake up, you cheese-pocket. BTW, I know it's only you that'll read this,so it's not gonna damage your reputation.

Colin Ramsay


Review by mat noble

alrite guys, nice site dunno how i found out bout it i jus remembered the address i think beeves told it me ages ago or summat, best bit is the very guilty looking rollup hangin out of the bus's sun roof thingy on the drawing wen u enter the site :S hehe an why does that guy whos holding it seem to have a monks hair cut???? u kno with like hair round the side... hell i dunno

best wishes neways,

mat noble