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Congrats Big Yin
Wednesday 10th April 2002







beeves + des
Wednesday 10th April 2002

well done gor, we understand your pregnancy is over.
did it hurt?



the most boring tour photos in the world
jon he's a cheeky cokney chappie !!!
Wednesday 10th April 2002

lads after many years of touring with you i was gotted to miss the fun of the r.a.h tour but after seeing the photos i see not much was going on . photos of the bloody roof have you gone mad ?


beeves + des
Wednesday 10th April 2002

look at the mushrooms man...., it isn't a roof, it was an irie day, ting!



Happy Bunny
Monday 08th April 2002

Hi peeps, just wondered if any of you have any contacts at the V2002 festival? I am trying to get some work experience this year before University.
I am going to be working at Reading festival just helping out backstage but I need a contact for V2002.
I have an unconditional offer on my Music Management course starting in September and I start my studio engineering course tonight.
any help would be appreciated thanks Donna


Monday 10th June 2002

Hi Guys,
I have now made contacts and am working at Reading this year.
Cheers Donna x



western suburbs
Saturday 06th April 2002

Beeves,You great hunk of love are you coming down to the Cockpit Friday 12th April to see the soon to be legendary Western Suburbs you can be a special guest band onstage at 8.30pm


Sunday 07th April 2002

wouldn't mind, they are sounding really good with their new percussion player. top band



Site Update
Friday 15th March 2002

I finally got around to updating the site. New snaps added from the UK tour at the end of 2001.

And when Beever get's his finger out there's going to be a whole new look to the embracecrew website, or so he tells me!


Friday 15th March 2002

yeah, it's gonna be all black with blood red text, links to weird porn and ....

Des is 42 today


Friday 15th March 2002

Mr Beever's, real name, Feb snaps are on display as well now. And Beeves, what's all this "can't be arsed doing crew site design" thing, eh?


Friday 15th March 2002

And if Des is 42 today I'm 39 next week!


Chris Ryan
Wednesday 20th March 2002

Nice pics. Whats with all the hats, at the RAH??


Thursday 21st March 2002

we like hats alot


Thursday 28th March 2002

Hats are the new black



Need some feedback
Tuesday 12th March 2002

Hi Dave and the crew!
Can you tell me if any of you have worked with Matt Davis before?
I have been offered a few gigs helping out soon just wondered if any of you know him?
He manages a couple of bands called Greedy and Bell Rock amongst others.
Thanks in advance Donna xx


Friday 15th March 2002

Don't know any Matt Davis, and not heard of Greedy or Bell Rock but if they want a monitor engineer you know who to call :-)

Good luck.


Saturday 16th March 2002

HHJJ, Hi Bell Rock are playing at The Bull And Gate tonight in Kentish Town.
I'm going, don't know what they are like yet but I think they are Punk/pop should be good anyway three other bands playing aswell.
Anyone who lives in Londonium should come along!
Take care Donna xxxx


Monday 18th March 2002

Blimey, forgive me for plugging another band on here but, I wish I had got to manage Bell Rock first they are going to be massive.
I have never been so excited about a band pure quality. My mate Matt is going to be very rich!
They are a cross between, Gin Blossoms, Tom Petty, Lemonheads with a bit of Placebo thrown in, they are excellent.
The kind of band you know the songs after one listen.
If any of you get a chance go see them while they are a secret.
They are in the midst of aquiring a record deal with a major.
They had a bit of a bad gig on Saturday cos the amp broke down and Guitar strings broke but, they still managed to pull it off to about 20 people.
I have only seen them once and I have a demo but, they are brilliant stars in the making.
Sorry to ramble!!!!
Hope you are all well?
Love and hugs Donna xxxxxxx


Thursday 28th March 2002

If they need a good monitor engineer HHJJ has got a few friends who are good...particularly Basil. Now he WAS good!!


Saturday 30th March 2002

Hi Gordon,
They are yet to be signed and are in the midst of changing their name. They all agreed on "Geek" but apparently it has been registered already so when they have decided on their name and re recorded their vocals on the demo. The manager will take the 5 track demo to the major and I think they will be eating out of his hand!
I will keep you updated because they are the best thing I have heard in a long time.
Watch this space.
Hope you are all well?
Donna xxxxxxx
p.s. I know Matt was short on sound monitor engineers for Bonnie Tyler in Norway where I might add she has a number 2 album lol lol!
but you know street cred and all that!!!!!!!
Still a 5 night tour and its sold out I think he's holding out for a hero lol lol!!!!!!!
Speak soon Luv Donna xxxxxxx


Bonnie Tyler?
Saturday 29th June 2002

Bonnie Tyler?.............SC has a very funny story about her and a messy wet patch, good job she wears wellington boots on stage and uses a radio mic, HHJJ's mansize box of tissues that he keeps on his monitor board (for some unknown reason) wouldnt last long at all.

Keep twiddling them knobs Dave!



Hello chaps
Delia Smith
Saturday 09th March 2002

Oh how I miss you all...yep...even Milky!

Please can I come to Europe with you next time so we can dine on fine cheese & ham and reminisce on days of old.
Oh how I miss sleeper busses, Glastonbury and all the glamour that surrounds the touring industry.

I dream of the feel of stale piss underfoot ...will I ever have these days again??

I love you all and miss you dearly.




Friday 15th March 2002

Delia, you can certainly come to Europe althogh I've no idea when the next time is going to be! A high maintainance cook is always required!


Sunday 17th March 2002

High maintainance my arse...she came to see me cos she liked me so much from last time... know it baby!!



Lambchop (what else)
Thursday 21st February 2002

Check out the Lambchop review in the March edition of Mojo.
Can I retire now please Flight Lieutenant Milky Millward Sir please...Please...PLEASE?


Danny the boss
Thursday 21st February 2002

No you can not. Also check out the NME review. Seems you're now famous Gor. This does not however entitle you to any more special privaliges. No more than the ones you already get for been my favourite anyway.

See you soon.
Hope the Missus/Bump are ok

Danny Mc


Saturday 23rd February 2002

Danny you tosser!
so Gor's your favourite now?
just cause you think he's got cute buns!
I thought I was your favourite, don't come to me when you have nightmares on the bus, I'm not interested anymore.


Thursday 28th February 2002

Dan, I've told you before that you shouldn't have favourites. All it takes is for you to forget my birthday or not to send me that Valentine card or even worse, not to tell me that you love me when I'm feeling fragile and BINGO!!!.. Dans usually perfectly tuned guitar is suddenly in H flat. Just ask Rick.
Des you buffoon, get back to counting bricks and reading The Star.



Miss Minogue
Tuesday 19th February 2002

Hi guys,
Back from the land of Oz. Shame I missed the opportunity to cook you all some really shit food, but I'm sure S & H maintained the standard.
Milky SASOM may be happening soon but you know what it's like trying to get everyone together....
K xx



Tuesday 19th February 2002



Wednesday 06th February 2002

Hello crew! Hey Dave, saw you working hard at RAH and Mancs. It was a lot of fun fun fun...just wanted to say hi and thanks to all of you!
Love and Peace



Wednesday 06th February 2002

Hi guys, you must be completely knackered after the mini tour.
Nice to meet you Dave at last!
I didn't get to meet Barry, met Merlin he was really sweet.
I haven't heard yet about my place at University, I will probably hear in March.
I'm doing a private course in March at a studio locally.
Hope you are all having a well earned break!
Hope to see you all very soon
Donna xx


Monday 11th February 2002

Merlin isn't that sweet, he turned my little lad Stewart into a dog!


Tuesday 12th February 2002

Have you got a contact email for Merlin?
Can he maybe do a magic spell for me?



Wednesday 06th February 2002

very dissapointed in the turn out of the crew. Myself being of tidy appearance, Dave Guerin looking like a parrafin lamp, Milky looking tired and old, Abbis smelling foul (even making Pigsy smell good), the backline crew as usual looking well turned out ( shaved, polished shoes,smiling and being generally polite) and then there's Barry (T.M) if there was a Miss World competition he would win.
Bottom of the pile, mass murdering Ray and his incredably smelly arse. This is how it goes:
gig finished
pack up stuff
go ask Ray to open truck
as soon as he steps into the back...
he renders every living thing within a mile radius unconsious
well done Ray!
Food was crap


Wednesday 06th February 2002

Here Here!


Friday 26th April 2002

abbis realy did smell bad now he is a boat liveing pikey.he even has a dod on a piece of string


Thursday 02nd May 2002

You realy need to learn to spell Piggy, as opposed to smell that is!



Too Busy?
Wednesday 06th February 2002

Come on Dave whats going on with this gaff?
Just too busy or cant be arsed?

*wink wink*



Diary Entries
Chris Ryan
Tuesday 05th February 2002

A mini-tour and no entries or photos!??? There must be some good stories to tell!


Tuesday 05th February 2002

Unfortunately, everyone was so busy with the extensive preparations and then the full on schedule (especially with the RAH), that there was precious little time for sleeping and eating in between work, let alone taking pics and writing. Sometimes it's just like that I'm afraid. Hopefully , when we tour again, normal service will be resumed. Also, Mr Beever is rumoured to be working on a new look for the Crew Site as well.


Tuesday 05th February 2002

can i be employed to take pictures for you? actually i'll do it for free. what do ya think?


Tuesday 05th February 2002

I took some pics on the 1st leg of the tour which Miami will upload onto the site when there is more space. Also have some pics from the last few days to put up shortly........



erm hi!
Sunday 03rd February 2002

Erm just thougth I would say hi, and thanks for allt he hard work in bringing us last nights gig at the Manchester Apollo!!! It was truely an amazing night!!! I was on the front row whooo!!!!!


Tuesday 05th February 2002

We all enjoyed it too Kate. Just a shame it wasn't a longer tour as it was quuite something wasn't it.



Wednesday 09th January 2002

Ah, so this is how you work a computer. Happy New Year to everyone,we're all looking forward to touring the States(except Miami Dave) Australia and New Zealand and Thailand.Oops sorry, wrong band.
We had a top rocking night out a few nights ago in Huddersfield when crew, band, husbands and wives all went for a mexican meal at a place called Gringos(what else?).Sadly we were missing Milky,Abbis, Beever and Stevie DVD. Sadly we weren't missing Miami Dave who scoffed the bloody lot washed down with a fine red wine. Arf arf, only joking Dave I still love you. Off to fix guitars now, bye.


Tuesday 15th January 2002



Tuesday 29th January 2002

you boys are too quiet :( you should make up some scandal about gor to keep us all entertained ;)



Tuesday 01st January 2002

Been quite a while since last posted somehting on here, though just like to say Happy New Year! Hope you all had a good evening last night!



Greetings from Oz
Miss Minogue
Monday 31st December 2001

Hi everybody, Just thought I would drop you all a line from Australia. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years Eve. Well, it hasn't actally happened yet, but....
Am struggling with bush fires at the mo. Seem to bring a natural disaster with me every time I visit. Last time it was mini tornados, gas plant explosion and contaminated water. Ah, the joys of the third world. Anyway folks, have a good one tonight and hope to see you in the New Year.
Beeves give Stuart a big kiss. Looked very cute in his piccy. K xx


Monday 31st December 2001

Sorry to hear about your bush fire Kylie. Hope you feel well enough to enjoy the New Year celebrations down under. Ooh er. Actually, as I just realised, it's almost midnight on the 31st as I write this, so Happy New Year to you and everyone in Oz!!!

C U in 2002.


Friday 04th January 2002

Milky you sad git, staying in on your own, tinkling on your laptpop, on New year's eve....



Nice piece of breast & stuffing....
Mr Beever
Sunday 23rd December 2001

Happy Christmas


Monday 31st December 2001

and a Happy New Year!



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